Meet Heather

Heather and I have been best friends since high school.

Heather is founder of “WondHerful,” a mission dedicated to mental health and suicide extinction through blog posts (https://wondherful.com) and an eclectic speaking circuit that includes churches, businesses, prisons, police stations, schools, halfway houses, psychiatric wards.

Heather is a suicide survivor and a diagnosed bipolar who believes that if you wake up breathing, that’s your proof to keep going!

She recently started giving out "choose life" gift boxes to ship to people who need some extra care with sustaining life. A "choose life" gift box may contain a bible, journal, pen and a handwritten note of encouragement.

If you would like to donate / contribute to the "choose life" gift box fund, please click below. Your gift will help Heather gift more "choose life" gift boxes.

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